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Originally Posted by PLINKING.40 View Post
Yup.! in Commiefornia, I bow Hunt and they have a lot of Mean ***** Hogs on the loose up here in the Nat. Forest, and we have a Just a few Mountain Lions and a Crap load of Yotes, that have know to rush you. Had a neiboor that looked outside to see his Kitty getting Munched by a Yote, and he opened the front door to Shoe them off and they rushed his front door growling like a Devil...Scared the crap out of him, Now he packs like most of us do up here..and there are a lot of Meth labs in the Booneys that don't want to be discoverd....
I understand, as I'm a CA hunter as well. We have some fairly aggressive coyotes around here, too. I lost an old mare to a small pack (3-4) about a month ago. Cougars (the 4 legged kind) are "shoot on sight" around here, DFG be damned. Lots of big hogs here, too. They regularly plow up the pastures and ponds, and within a couple dozen yards of the house (and they keep the freezer full). Got meth labs and pot gardens around here, too.

The reason for the question is, you didn't mention a hunting load, which is very different than defense loads, in most of CA. Except in the extreme north of the state, none of the bullets you listed are acceptable for hunting, or having within reach while hunting. And, as a bow hunter, you know that having any firearm while hunting is a huge no-no, regardless of what "other" critters you may encounter.
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