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Originally Posted by RD928 View Post
Hey guys!

I'm new to the forum and just picked up a Glock 26 afew days ago. I had an XD40 for about 2 years and just never felt extremely confident with it. I could hit the target just fine but could never get a tight group. Picked up my buddy's Glock 34 and pretty much shot 5 rounds through the same hole! lol Needless to say I am proud to switch and say bye bye to my XD!

Haven't had a chance to get out and shoot it yet but I did rent one from the gun shop and put 50 rounds through it. It had an extended mag +0 for extra grip and if I wasn't careful where I put my pinky finger, I got pinched where the mag meets the grip. Are there any other extenders that dont pinch? I would like to get some tritium sights on it at some point after I've put acouple hundred rounds thru it. Also are there any mods/upgrades you guys have tried and like?
Congratulations! I love my G26. As far as the pinching with the mag extension... go to Lowe's or Home Depot and tell them you need small black O rings. Put the O ringall the way down the outside of the mag and make it flush to the top of the extenstion. Should fix the problem. As far as mods... all I did was add the Pearce +1 extension... put a grip plug in the bottom of the pistol grip... and I changed out my slide cover plate with an aircraft grade aluminum one with a custom emblen on it. I thought about tritium sights too, but just haven't done it. My G26 is my EDC gun. You'll love it!
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