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After spending 3 months in the NC mtns. this past fall black bear hunting I have changed my entire concept of what it takes to kill a black bear. We killed 28 bears rangeing from 150# to 400#s. Every bear was shot with a 30-30 (most shots in upper neck or head) except 2 were shot with 308 & 450. We were of course running the bears with dogs. When you wade into a bear/dog fight 2 things you don't want. 1 is buckshot and the other is to knock the bear down with any gun (460 weatherby - 22 magnum) and not kill him on the spot. A wounded bear hit good from neck back will kill a pile of dogs. Now if you are tree stand hunting over bait or still hunting most guns placing the bullet through the heart or spine MIGHT kill on the spot. It is a toss up. If you don't care for bear meat then break both shoulders with a good deep penetrating slug.
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