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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
Awesome post.

How come you don't carry a 7 round mag in the 36, or do you? I think you are saying your 7 is the spare. And when you say the 36 is problematic for some, do you mean recoil or reliabilty?

Do you get all fingers on the Kimber, or do you curl 1 under?

I joined the NRA, have you yet?
With the Pearce +1 on the mag the grip is longer than I like for IWB Concealed carry. I use the 6 rounder in the gun and the 7 round for a back up mag.

The grip length from the bottom of the trigger guard is real close to being identical on both guns. I.E. I can get a full grip on both guns. However, to achevieve this on the G36 the 6 round mag must be in. Not so on CDP.

Hope that makes sense.

I will add that if you go for G36 and the stock 6 round mag, ABSOLUTLEY, get a Pearce +0 base. The stock one from Glock, at least the ones I have, are just awful. You can shoot with them, but they are no where near the level of Pearce. The Glock ones don't blend with the front strap and tend to pinch some shooters. They are almost like they were designed for another gun.

By problematic, I mean the gun is light and suspectible to limp wristing, as are many short barrel light pistols. Mine is one of the early ones, being made in 2000. According to internet lore these early guns had problems. Not so for me.

One additional note. My G36 is stock with the exception of the magazine mods I mentioned, and the addition of some Decal Grip grip tape. No extended this, that, and the other stuff. No screwing with recoils springs etc. BONE STOCK and it works everytime.
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