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Originally Posted by onearmsteve View Post
ihave a benchmade and a couple kershaws and just normal wear but would like to put a shaving edge back on them there not dull just want that extra sharp blade
I have extremely good luck with Spyderco products. I like the Sharpmaker and their benchstones. Personally I use an Edge Pro Apex with Chosera waterstones and kangaroo leather strops with .25micron diamond spray to build my edges. This particular combo gives a mirror polished, hair whittling edge that is also very aggressive due to the diamond spray on the finishing strop.

For edge maintenance I use a Spyderco Sharpmaker with the ultra fine stones and various strops and compounds. My favorite strops are the Stropman HD and the Knives Plus Stropblock. I might put a knife on the Edge Pro once a year, the rest of the time it's edge maintenance. It's easier to keep a sharp knife sharp than to start all over.

The Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge

Originally Posted by Batesmotel View Post

My favorite are the two paper wheels that go on a bench grinder. Great results but misused they can destroy a knife in short order.
Also a good way for an inexperienced sharpener to lose a finger.

Not for my knives. If you have knives that you consider disposable, then this will probably be ok to use. I take pride in my things and don't want to prematurely wear them out by using a grinder. With a lot of experience a belt grinder is a good tool for sharpening knives but done with very high grit or lo micron belts not the 80 grit asphalt that come on this thing.
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