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Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
It seems that, in 1994, the National Lodge supported the ban. Oops.

We were informed last night that a number of lodges from around the country are now sending letters to the National President, urging him to support the 2nd Amendment, and the right of people to bear arms - and to NOT support any further gun control laws. We were also asked to decide, as a group, whether or not to join in this practice.

Not a single person disagreed with supporting citizens. Hell, the President of my lodge is a CCDW instructor, and many of the board members are "gun nuts" (I am, as well - just not a board member).

So, the third largest FOP lodge in the state of Kentucky just voted to send a letter to the National President urging him to NOT SUPPORT gun control laws.
Those who once did, now will not support gun control.
Originally Posted by tous View Post
With all due respect, sir.

No despotic power has ever found a shortage of government employees willing to enforce whatever oppressive policies such a government deems desirable to retain and increase their rule.

I understand that you feel the need to defend your fraternity as composed of individuals of character, but exhortation and fine speeches do little to ease the fear of those of us potentially under your symbolic jack boot.
So a positive statement that there are those in LE working against gun control is not welcomed as an increase in the ranks of citizens against gun control.

Tous, would you agree that unreasonable fear is a hallmark of those working to ban guns? Do you believe that if those people were to listen to fact and mute the fear mongering, more progress toward fewer restrictions, not more?
Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
As I said - those of us who say it ain't gonna happen ARE officers.

Those of you who say it WILL - aren't.
Originally Posted by tous View Post
Thank you for the insulting rebuttal.

Do you disagee that when governments, any government, seeks to oppress that they cannot find those in their society willing to enforce their policies with whatever level of violence is required?

When was the last time that a revolt against a despotic regime was created and led by the regime's law enforcement employees?

Do I suggest that you or your friends will be the ones kicking in doors at midnight? I do not. I suggest that someone with a badge will be willing and eager to do so.
So, instead of welcoming the support, you push away these new partners. Instead of asking how you can support their position, demean their actions. Instead of asking how you can influence other LE organizations...never mind. I believe your mind is closed on this.
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