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Originally Posted by ÇAGArms View Post
I've confirmed this is not my old one. Also sig fiend is NOT looking to sell.

On the plus side pictures are coming soon! Whoop!
It was great talking to you yesterday! You've sure done your homework on these uber-rare guns! If I have time this weekend, I'm going to try and get some high resolution pictures up by the end of this weekend.

To expand more on what we talked about, as I don't remember answering the question, this G19 doesn't have any ejection/extraction problems from what I have seen so far. It seems to eject fairly consistently from ~3-4:30. I have probably put between 200-300rds through it. In fact, most of that was running it in a combat pistol class after a student's gun went down and I loaned him my G17. Gun ran flawless. I don't know that I want to shoot it too much, considering it is a rare piece of history. Though, like I mentioned earlier, this one isn't a safe queen and isn't in immaculate condition, did not come with the original box or any of the original stuff, so I don't see much wrong with maybe putting the occasional box of ammo through it.

In fact, although some may consider it blasphemy, I am giving some serious thought to throwing on a set of Kyle Defoor's Ameriglo sights. Those are just simple steel sights, but with a thinner front sight and wider rear notch for a bit better performance. They're what Glocks should all come factory with, as opposed to the crap plastic sights. I haven't decided yet, as I don't want to "modify" the gun per se, but I feel that would be in the spirit of how these guns should come from the factory.

On another note, I also have both versions of the extractors from Apex Tactical, for gen 3 and gen 4 Glocks. Although I will primarily be testing those in other Gen 2 through 4 guns, I am planning on testing both versions in this Gen 1 just for the hell of it.

If anyone else has any questions or would like detailed pictures of anything specific on this gun, let me know and I will be glad to take care of it. Considering how rare they are, and the fact not too many others have stepped forward, it's the least I can do. As CAGArms and I both agreed, who knows how many of these very few first generation 19's are sitting in people's closets, collecting dust, with the owner's none the wiser on what they have. LOL

A friend of mine and instructor that I trained under in the past, Paul Gomez, was a fan of history and a scholar in his own right. The guy was a living, breathing, encyclopedia on the history of firearms and the training industry. A few months before he passed away last year, I had mentioned to him that I actually managed to get a hold of one of these. He was familiar with the rarity of them and was surprised. Although it didn't take much encouragement, he said I should definitely put this info on the 1st gen 19 out there and help spread the knowledge. On that note, I'd also like to help spread some of Paul's knowledge, in remembrance of him:
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