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Being that someone has already swapped sights I say go for it.

I put over 3,000 RDS through mine in the short time I had it, and the owner prior had over 1,000 just in Leo qualifying so I see no problem with shooting it. I'd probably say an aftermarket barrel and no +p ammo to try and preserve what's there. But that's strictly my opinion.

Extractor swapping isn't a big deal. In my opinion its just the serial numbered parts and the mag that are the important features. I'm jus like you and FAR from being a collector (I gave away a 000 serial number g36 in a drawing). I personally get lot more enjoyment out of shooting my guns. And if this isn't your primary I see nothing wrong with shooting it.

Love it and use it for what its meant for! Maybe be a little more thorough with cleanings and inspections being that I personally had some issues with mine.

We definitely need pictures. If only someone (Sig fiend) would post a video of shooting one people would realize these are still functional firearms.
Wtb: the first gun I ever bought, again. Gen 1 Glock 19 with a nick under the recoil spring on the receiver where I dropped it.
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