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Originally Posted by tous View Post
So, rather then engage the debate, you choose to deem me unworthy.
I do believe I made statements about your position. I made no statement about your worthiness.

I did say your mind is closed on this.

Instead of engaging LE in discussions to expand what is a small growing trend of LE agencies and organizations coming out against gun bans, you condemn them with history, not the future, not tomorrow, history.
Originally Posted by tous View Post
Ask the citizens of New Orleans if a positive attitude and unquestioning faith in the integrity of the police officers and sheriff's deputies serving them made them feel less fearful as their doors were forced open, arms pointed at them and a demand made for the surrender of their only means of protection.
You believe nothing was learned from that?

That was reaction to a natural disaster. Many states subsequently passed legislation banning confiscation during emergencies. GT Members who were there attest to refusing the confiscation orders.

This is far different. It is a political process driven by a few. Sitting back and waiting for history to repeat itself instead of working with every ally we can make is unwise.
Originally Posted by tous View Post
I base my argument on history. I restate, no oppressive government has ever had a shortage of employees willing enforce whatever law said government decrees. The assumption that the government employees in this country are somehow different, more moral, less interested in self-preservation is not convincing.
Is there no value in cultivating new supporters?
Originally Posted by tous View Post
I further suggest that oaths of honor made among one's fellows where there is no consequence for disagreeing is hardly the stuff of commitment to a political ideal.
So, again, you demean personal conviction.
Originally Posted by tous View Post
I do not suggest that wprebeck or his brethren won't be guided by their sense of honor. I do suggest most strongly that many of those in the same employee will do what they're told and if they do not, the government will find men that will.
So you are content letting wprebeck and his brethren stand alone, not accepted as friends and supporters by you, alone with no support from you to influencing others in LE.
Originally Posted by tous View Post
I imagine that events leading up to brutal oppression against many a populace were preceded by those that urged, "It cannot happen here"
wprebeck did not say nothing will happen. Read it again.
Freedom has a taste to those who fight and almost die, that the protected will never know.

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