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Tous -

IIRC, the folks who did the deed in NO weren't even locals. They were out-of-state officers brought in to help.

It's also worth noting that, in an unrelated headline, the mayor of the city (who presumably gave the orders in question) is now under federal indictment.

Again, lessons were learned on a national level about the (very brief, but entirely too much) gun confiscation that occured in LA years ago. Instead of focusing on a very small sample size that was limited to a very small locale, perhaps you should take a look at the mood nationwide.

You currently have numerous sheriffs stating they will not confiscate arms. Utah's folks even went so far as to say they will go to war over this a press release. And those are the bosses - unless you forgot, sheriffs are elected officials, and answer to no one but the voters.

On a different front, numerous lodges of the Fraternal Order of Police are telling the National Lodge what position they wish leadership to take on any pending legislation. I doubt National will go against the wishes of the membership, as it's a quick way to get ousted.

And, on an individual level - I, and many other officers on Glocktalk, along with people we all know and work with from across the country - We are saying: We WILL NOT DO IT. WE ARE AGAINST GUN CONTROL.

And still, there are many who just cannot let go of their hate for law enforcement. You fault US for the laws that politcians create. You fault US for enforcing laws that YOU allow to be made (which are deemed legal and Constitutional, I might add). And yet, you dare to claim that there exists an US vs THEM divide.

Well, yeah, there is. Only, this time, it is US who is supporting freedom, and YOU that is creating a divide. Nice job.
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