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Originally Posted by PLINKING.40 View Post
well. as for a Hunting load 200+ gr "hard cast Boolits, is what I have on hand from another guy that rolls his own too, I just roll .45acp for now, he said he has shot a Hog with a 180gr JHP and it didn't do very well, due to much exspandtion and did not drop the pig on the spot "poor pass through" and he did the same to the hog from the same distance with a HC round , and blew right through the hard sholder plate and shatterd the leg on the other side, and he dug it out of the ground, and it still had most of the weight the solid copper rounds "barnes" for big game..
I thought it was completely legal to have a sidearm while hunting or fishing and when at your camp ground, cause DOJ considers that your temp. Residents.. and you had a fishing or hunting license ....could be wrong I'll check that again..
Having firearms while hunting, fishing or camping is fine, except during archery season while "hunting" (in camp isn't "hunting"). Also, while hunting during firearm seasons, having lead bullets that can be fired from a firearm in your possession is illegal.

No lead bullets for hog hunting. I would much prefer using hard cast as I have for many years, but I use Barnes for all the handguns to keep legal. Sometimes it's a challenge to get acceptable bullet performance, but is possible with 10mm and up (NOT including the .45 ACP). Almost none of the store-bought ammo in any handgun caliber is "acceptable", IMO. For unleaded rifle bullets, I like Hornady.
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