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Thanks guys im currently looking at/into a pair of Danner patrols or Acadias(not really worried about the weight) as they seem to meet all my criterias(and I dont know if any of the others I mentioned do..which are comfortable,waterproof,good quality and preferably resolable) I am just trying to figure out if I can get htem at the LE discount through work on my dime by using the LE discount(they said my agency would have to use thier "official" card to buy them for me to get the danner direct LE discount) I dont know if they will do this or not..or if im on my own(most likely) and just looking for best price online..strangely enough online i can find the acadias almost $30-45 chepaer than the Partols(which are just seemingly lower cut Acadiads) which youd think would be cheaper.
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