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Originally Posted by dp2002813 View Post
GEEK alert!

Sorry, to be a financial geek. Sears attempted to buy Kmart while Kmart was in bankruptcy. When Kmart exited bankruptcy, they bought Sears. The combined company is called Sears Holding, but Kmart is the owner.

The Sears employees are NOT happy either. Kmart is super cheap for the rank and file employee. They recently stripped them of healthcare benefits in exchange for a 2500.00 towards employees buying their own healthcare benefits.... just not enough on a retail salary.

Geek alert is over.
I DO NOT mind being shown the truth. Show me the proof and I'll ceases doing business with them on the spot. I was told Sears bought out K/Mart. The K/Mart logo was changed while Sears remanded Sears so I excepted it as truth. Doesn't make it fact. Show me facts Jack.

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