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I've been that wooden stock way for just about ever. I also love old rifles and pistols.
So far my collectonis a
1942 Mosin Nagant 91/30.
1955 M1 Garand (Springfield)
1969 Yugo SKS
1981 Marlin 30/30
1952 Marlin DL81 (22)
1987 CZ 82 (9x18)

My 2010 Mini 14 Ranch rifle looks more like a M1 Carbine then it does a mini 14.
Even bought the entry level RIA GI 1911 because it looked liked the 45 I carried in the Military.
Come to think of it the only plastic stock rifle I own is my 10/22.

As of late I've been reverting back to all steel pistols.

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