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Originally Posted by Brasso View Post
You still refuse to understand the point.
Oh I understand. You don't seem to understand that you have no say in the matter.

When we are discussing a biblical topic, we do not need you guys coming in and making jokes about our "magic book".
But that's what it is. And we have issues with your magic book as well as others.

I don't want to hear about evolution when I'm trying to discuss the components of the Tabernacle.
Then I suggest you go elsewhere. You are going to be exposed to differing views here. Both those for and against your own. If you cannot deal with that then maybe you're in the wrong place.

Get it?
DO YOU? Do you get that this is not your forum and you do not get to pick and choose who posts what or in what topic? Do you understand this is not your venue?

If you want to discuss creationism vs evolution, start a thread and do it. Just quit butting into conversations that don't concern you.
They do concern us. They concern us greatly.

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