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Originally Posted by Woofie View Post
Check back a few threads for the video of the La state senator arguing against teaching evolution in the classroom.
Yeah sure, that happened and why shouldn't it? It's called govt. and how this country was founded on. Congress argues over many things you and I agree with or disagree with.

Perhaps I'm being too technical with the Christians invading science classes. I mean I guess it could have happened but I don't recall a bunch of looney creationists invading a classroom where evolution was being taught and it sure as heck (if you believe in that) doesn't happen on a regular basis.

I mean hey, if Atheists wanna hang out here, more power to you. I usually stay out of here because of all this BS but I'll state it again: For a bunch of folks who don't believe, you'll sure spend a heck of a lot of time here talking about how we are sheep that need a crutch to get thru this world.

I mean you don't see me hanging out in global warming forums talking about how they are kooks, scratch that, I mean climate change.
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