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Originally Posted by tous View Post
This debate can have no satisfying conclusion. It is speculation about what may happen in the future and neither position has a time machine.
It is about building relationships to influence the outcome in the future. It is about learning from history and changing what caused failure.
Originally Posted by tous View Post
Russ, I don't want supporters, I want the natural right of man to liberty and self-determination.
And you will achieve that alone? How will you do that?
Originally Posted by tous View Post
The police are not freedom fighters,
All of them?
Originally Posted by tous View Post
they are specifically agents of the government that seeks to remove said right and one of their profession assuring me that it won't occur is not persuasive.
What if from within those ranks came word of dissent, of dissatisfaction with their leaders among the rank and file. That is what is happening. The leadership is in front of the cameras spouting the political line. At the same time more and more rank and file are saying, "We disagree and will not support gun control."

You feel better accepting the leaderships talking points because it falls into your "historical rationalization."

More and more in LE are saying, "Hey, we know the history. We are not going to repeat it."
Freedom has a taste to those who fight and almost die, that the protected will never know.

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