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Even some of the leaders are doing the same. As I've mentioned, and we've all seen posted here on GT, many sheriffs across the country are speaking out about this issue. One of them was from Jackson county, KY - and I have family there (in laws, but still family).

Places as varied as Utah and Wisconsin. Both white and black folks. Demographics mean nothing this time, nor should they. What "does" matter is, Americans are tired of the crap. When police around the nation are saying, "Gun control isn't the solution", then two things should be happening:

Politicians and the liberal left should pay attention. We are on the front lines of this battle, and we know how to better prosecute it than the idiots who spout off lines like "If it only saves one child". We know criminals will be criminals, and making an item illegal will not stop their actions. It's time the left, and the lawmakers, start listening to us.

The second thing that should occur is gun owners waking up. Hey, we're not here to take your guns. While I don't dispute that there is, and always be, "that guy" who does retarded stuff (we all know a Farva in our agency...if you don't, it's likely you). Thing is, "that guy" will likely be doing stuff on his own, if he chooses to do it at all. Alternatively, peer pressure is alive and well, even within LE. Some people may not wish to do the right thing, but will do so simply because everyone else is doing so.

Again, I realize this upsets the fantasies of those who wish to die a glorious death in a pitched gun battle with the evil JBT's of the nation, thus ensuring their place in history. Sorry for the disappointment. We want the good guys to keep their guns, so they can shoot the bad guys, when necessary. It makes for more room in the jail, and ultimately saves money.
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