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Originally Posted by Woofie View Post
It's an attempt to remove sound science from the classroom. It was opposed by people better educated than the senator.

Do we need to wait until our guns are confiscated before we push back against gun control? Should we wait until our kids all think Jesus rode a Brontosaurus before we worry about whose agenda is being discussed in the government?
And there are some that think all other religious beliefs are a scourge on the human race that must be eliminated if we are ever to be truly free.

You'll always be able to point to a fringe element that wants something, but what is likely and what is actually happening is what you have to really combat. If you survey all humanity, you will find truly unique people, and they are utterly alone in their extremism. Taking great efforts to combat them might be a little too much to combat a little too little.

But back to the point, where is christianity actually invading science classrooms and excluding science in a public school? Is the battle against a non-existent enemy?
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