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Ok game plan.

The Cobra seller will meet with me soon. I'll inspect it very carefully! No flaking nickle, tight, locks on all chambers, no scratches. Yea then I'd spring for it.

I have the S&W PPK callback list and if it's one of those I'd pass. If on second look it looks good (it DOES have scratches) then I'll offer less and see if they bite. I've owned several PPKs and PPs and yes they bit the hand that fed them. But the S&W has a good long tang and it looks like it won't bite me.

I do have the cash so I can maybe get a good deal done by this weekend.

Now I have a 2nd gen Dick, factory nickle, and it sleeps in the safe. And I also bet the Cobra is NOT TO BE SHOT WITH +P! So I'll make an investment out of it (hahaha you know what my wife thinks of that, right?)

And the PPK I can take all the scratches out with my combo superfine steel wool and stainless polish. I'm also pretty sure I can't make that DA pull lighter, and that is why the 'James Bond' shtick has always been stupid to me.

Find out in a few days guys.

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