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Same situation with G30 sf..

I replaced the connector with a glockworks V4 race connector (3 1/2 connector) and 6lb trigger spring..but kept the striker spring stock because of the light primer strike possibility. I don't quite get the travel, and then stop..then snap as I do with the stock connector. Glock .45s are particular it seems because in order to lighten the pull, the striker spring has to be changed. HMMM.. I ordered a Zev Tech Duty Ultimate Fulcrum trigger for the G30 sf.
My G23 Gen4 with 3 1/2 lb Ghost Rocket connector, 4 lb striker spring, and 6lb trigger spring has a consistent 3.5 lb break..predicable take up, then stops, then snaps. No over travel
Wish my G30 sf trigger was this good. Good luck bro.
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