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Originally Posted by PLINKING.40 View Post
I have been told a few times when asking about the "best Factory loads you have found to be close to top self hand loads" have been Hornady, I have a .308 Howa that is still a Vir***, and was looking for a good Hornady round for her., Thanks for the clear Input on the Laws...I'm from TX so this sucks out Yonder here..Can't understand that they do not allow you to shoot a .223 for Hog's though..
Who said you can't shoot hogs with .223? I do it myself on occasion, legally. You can't use "rimfire" (.22LR, etc) on medium/large game, is all. Non-lead is required, though. Some areas in and around BLM, preserve and military base lands are muzzle loader and shotgun only. My son hunts with a .50 cal. ML, and uses the Barnes sabot bullets. I often use my 12 ga. slugger (24" rifled Mossberg 5500) with Winchester SXP in 3" mags (wow!).

Hornady hunting rifle loaded ammo are as good as any. I load my own pistol and rifle, and like the Hornady non-lead rifle bullets over the rest. They offer the only spire point .30-30 bullet ever made (140 gr. MonoFlex, also for the .308 Marlin Express), and I make those suckers really fly (2600-2800 FPS, short barrel - long barrel), and they are accurate to 300+ yds. They also have a very good selection of .223 and a BUNCH of .308 bullets. Most of them you can get loaded by Hornady, or do them yourself.
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