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Originally Posted by SGT278ACR View Post
Congratulations! I love my G26. As far as the pinching with the mag extension... go to Lowe's or Home Depot and tell them you need small black O rings. Put the O ringall the way down the outside of the mag and make it flush to the top of the extenstion. Should fix the problem. As far as mods... all I did was add the Pearce +1 extension... put a grip plug in the bottom of the pistol grip... and I changed out my slide cover plate with an aircraft grade aluminum one with a custom emblen on it. I thought about tritium sights too, but just haven't done it. My G26 is my EDC gun. You'll love it!
The O-ring thing didn't work for me. I tried several different types, but none was just right not to cause mag loading issues and prevent the pinching. Also O-rings like to ride up the mag for some reason.
What worked for me was ditching the extension all together, and adding the medium back-strap. Different back-straps will change the position of your fingers slightly, so before spending a lot of money just experiment with different straps and see if one of them cures your problem. Also make a conscious effort to keep your finger off the gap.
I would suggest shooting and/or carrying without the extensions, but if you absolutely must have something then I recommend a G19 mag (good luck finding one now though) and the X-grip. I have one of these setups and it makes a nice full grip with the extra 15 round capacity. Very comfortable, but your back to a full G19 grip.
Congrats on the G26!
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