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Originally Posted by Neocon View Post
I plan on still hunting so the brain shots are out. The two issues I have with my Kimber is it is a blue gun and my Remington is stainless. Second the issue the Mountains. A running bear can go a long way down a mountain in a hurry and I will need to pack him back up to the trail.
My hope is to re-barrel and restock this Remington 700 ADL and make it my all terrain rifle. Maybe one day chase elk around with it. I know a 308 will take larger game but I would love to have an exit wound to help with tracking. I've dug two Remington Core Locks out of the fare side of 160 pound whitetails. awesome rust preventative. Don't doubt blued steel! How many stainless guns have you seen from the 1800s??? None they didn't have that option then, good bluing is nearly as corrosion resistant as stainless (stainless can still rust). As far as exit wounds get yourself some barnes bullets or nosler partitions and penetration wont be an issue. A 180 grain .308 bullet has nearly the same sectional density as a 250 grain .358 bullet so all thing being equal they will penetrate the same. Good luck!
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