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I have a CM9 with two 8 round mags.
2 years with about 1000 rounds.
The gun works flawlessly with the stock mag as well as the 2 eight rounders.

I did have a problem with the 8 rd mags when they were new with American Eagle 124 gr taking a nose dive when feeding.
I found that the bullets were hanging and digging into the inside edge of the front of the mag. After polishing off the sharp edge the mags worked perfect.

In a nutshell the gun itself is perfect for what it was designed for but Kahr should do something about the quality control on there mags.

I have also had problems with the 7 round .40 mags but they were end user fixable also.

I have 2 Kahrs, a CW40 & CM9. I wouldn't part with either of them. If they were lost or stolen, I would buy the same guns again..

Maybe by now Kahr has fixed there mags.
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