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Originally Posted by Diesel McBadass View Post
whts ths gunsandammo pat thing? Id love a m39. And i generally just like historiacal or older firearms. I already have a nagant 1895, a tokarev, and a p64. Id like to add to my collection
as others has said Pat is a She

her husband back in the 80's bought almost the entire supply of Finnish M39's left in the Finnish Armory.

like 390ish & 427 mentioned he lost his FFL some time back and she now sells them in batches. when all of the M39 on the website sell out she puts up another batch. as for the rumors of tomfoolery in my opinion I think it was more to due with the Finns making M39 out of old and captured mosins so they are almost all mismatched to a degree. I ordered a M39 from Pat and it came with a 1895 Tula reciever and the bolt was a mismached from a Remington and Tula but all of the numbers matched I can't speak to today's prices but back then they were about $250

if you want you can google gunsnammo she has great reviews
He's actually wrong, after 8-9 shots with a 9mm bullet, you actually get a text on your phone saying "You are being shot at by a 9mm, don't worry, just ignore him and walk away."
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