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Originally Posted by dm1906 View Post
Who said you can't shoot hogs with .223? I do it myself on occasion, legally. You can't use "rimfire" (.22LR, etc) on medium/large game, is all. Non-lead is required, though. Some areas in and around BLM, preserve and military base lands are muzzle loader and shotgun only. My son hunts with a .50 cal. ML, and uses the Barnes sabot bullets. I often use my 12 ga. slugger (24" rifled Mossberg 5500) with Winchester SXP in 3" mags (wow!).

Hornady hunting rifle loaded ammo are as good as any. I load my own pistol and rifle, and like the Hornady non-lead rifle bullets over the rest. They offer the only spire point .30-30 bullet ever made (140 gr. MonoFlex, also for the .308 Marlin Express), and I make those suckers really fly (2600-2800 FPS, short barrel - long barrel), and they are accurate to 300+ yds. They also have a very good selection of .223 and a BUNCH of .308 bullets. Most of them you can get loaded by Hornady, or do them yourself.
I must have read it wrong in the Ca. fish & game required (maybe they ment perferd) caliber for Hogs for under 90lbs and over 90lb, the have the .22 caliber marked "No". then they go down the list for approved calibers...check it out and see what you think they mean..K?
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