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I am also using the LW ported .357 Sig barrel in my G27. I bought it because I could. I have no perceptible problems controlling my G27 in 9mm .40 cal. or .357 Sig.

Does it make a difference? I don't really know. I am not very sensitive to recoil and actually find little difference firing any of these three rounds in my pistol. I like the versatility.

Would I buy a ported barrel again? Sure, why not? I like all the calibers in my pistol and would select ported again without reservations.

As I said, I am not particularly sensitive to recoil, and I am now carrying a 4" .357 Magnum Chiappa Rhino, because it is so tame to shoot with any load I have used. with no muzzle flip. It's fun too. (I added this for clarification of my comments)

It adds more fun just because it is different.

I have shot a factory ported G22C and it was a very good experience.

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