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Originally Posted by PLINKING.40 View Post
I must have read it wrong in the Ca. fish & game required (maybe they ment perferd) caliber for Hogs for under 90lbs and over 90lb, the have the .22 caliber marked "No". then they go down the list for approved calibers...check it out and see what you think they mean..K?
It is a "recommendation". Right before they go into which calibers are "recommended" or not, they state, "Legally, any centerfire firearm using a soft point bullet can be used." (this 2001 pub. is outdated, as there are no legal "soft point" bullets available for pig hunting here)

Guide to Hunting Wild Pig in California

Their criteria is 800 FPE remaining at 100 yds for rifles, but say no .22 caliber cartridge is acceptable. I say HOGWASH, as they are very capable with the right large game hunting bullet, especially the recent technology non-lead hardened projectiles used today. Also, a .22-250, with any large bullet, simply cuts them down as easily as a .45-70 or .308.

As usual, "the government" misses the reality. Looking through the "recommended" calibers, .44 Magnum handgun/rifle is "recommended" for pigs under 90#, while it is not at over that, rifle or handgun. .357M handgun or rifle is NOT recommended for any size pig. If I notched the grips of my .357M and .41M pistols for every pig taken (very decisively, most well over 200#), I'd have nothing to hold on to. .30M1 is also a very effective pig hunter, contrary to the "recommendations".

Also, I don't like what DFG ("the state") did to pig hunting. Used to be, a $5 punch card was all that was needed to take several of them. Now, a single "tag" is over 20 bucks. Nothing has changed since then, and now, the populations are out of control. They priced the things right out of the market. My son and I still hunt them, but not nearly as often as before, and the reason is purely economical (principle). More brilliance from "the state".

In the end, after reading the entire "guide", it reads like a "pig hunting manual for dummies". (it was probably written by someone in need of such a book)
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