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My Trip to Glock Today (Plus some Intel)!!!

Reaaaaaally cool trip!! Talked with a couple of techs and a local Pickens Co. Sheriff Deputies while waiting. I took a few pics and waited on my G22 Gen3 to be serviced. I bought a lightly used police trade in for a good price last summer. They had the 8lb connector and NY1 trigger installed.

He Dan (Bostonian sounds like JFK) took it in and restored my pistol to the stock settings. It's been test fired, all springs replaced, cleaned and lubed! The cleaner lube smells like windex afterwards.

I got a Glock Camo Cap, & a Glock Key Ring to Boot!

Here's the Meat of the Story I know you guys want... Dan CONFIRMED these rumors are TRUE!

-There WAS a Glock .223/5.56 carbine being developed and a prototype WAS BUILT. However, it was a bullpup design and they were told the US LEO market is most proficient on the AR/M-4 platform.

-There ARE current designs for a AR-Style rifle in the works, but not in the near future. Prototypes are being worked on as I type..

-There WILL be a Glock .22lr pistol coming to market Dan said VERY SOON!

Really fun trip and I hope to bring other Glocks for service there in the years to come!!
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