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Originally Posted by Big Bird View Post
You probably bent the small slide release spring that is held in place by a tiny torx screw on the side of the gun during assembly or disassembly This is easy to see and easy to fix Look in the Kahr forum of this board and I posted a tutorial about this issue. There are also videos on Youtube about it. READ YOUR MANUAL...its very explicit about the position of this spring during re assembly. Its easy to bend. Only takes a small torx head screwdriver and a couple of pair of needlenose pliers to fix it or you can order a new spring from Kahr for about $6.

I have 2 Kahrs now and have owned 2 others. They have been exceptionally reliable and accurate but you have to know your way around the idiosyncrasies of the gun.
What he said. If it's been performing perfectly and suddenly started doing what you describe I would look at this first. If you own a Kahr and haven't done so I would encourage you to spend some time on the Kahr Talk site.
Anyway, if you have sent it to Kahr I'm sure they will take care of the problem. They have great customer service.

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