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Originally Posted by tuica View Post
Curious as to where you shoot? Tillamook, or other State Forests/Lands? Or at an actual shooting club/range?

I used to belong to an indoor range. But WAY too loud, and the often unsafe shooter soured the experience. I can usually find an out of the way wilderness area to practice my three/four times a year.

When I lived in Portland (before I was a member at the Tri-County Gun Club), I used to head west out of town on hwy 26. Head to the coast, but take the left toward Tillamook and follow the roads to Timber, OR. Just past Timber there is a campsite (US Forest, I think). Turn in there, go past all the camping and make a left up a steep logging road. There is BLM land up there and we used to shoot at a dead-end/turn around.

We always brought extra garbage bags to haul away trash that other people left. Always try to leave the place looking better than when you got there.

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