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Originally Posted by fastbolt View Post
Generic old-style JHP they've made for many years.

I'd not be surprised to find that it might produce velocities toward the lower end of the typical velocity range for a standard pressure 115gr load (being their bargain priced load).

Think of it, if you will, as "Retro-Style" 9mm defensive ammo.

I think I still have some left over from training/practice from previous years, as well as some of the 147gr JHP from their Duty/USA line, both of which I keep set aside for range ammo (when the +P range ammo runs low, or I don't want to run a lot of +P or +P+ loads through a particular gun).

I'd rather use it than FMJ.

However, I'd also rather use any of the more modern hollowpoint loads, made by any of the major American ammo makers, given a choice.
Kinda like the Federal LE9. For use in older guns.
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