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Originally Posted by Meanie5470 View Post
The M&P and xd are a step forward in ergonomics. They will not last as long as the glock will 10000 rounds later though. Glock absolutely has its shortcomings and NO gun is 100% reliable but I would absolutely stand behind Glock over any other brand out there. Theyre strong and theyre simple. I would also say that Sig hasnt improved anything. Their best guns were the german made ones (that they do still offer). Their quality went downhill when they started building guns in NH. My only Sig is a p250. Granted its the cheapest gun they make but in all honesty its a piece of crap. Its been back to Sig twice for firing out of battery. The first time it blew out the extractor and the second time it cracked the frame. It was cheap but not much cheaper then a Glock at gssf pricing. Completely unsold me on Sig and im in the process of putting like 2000+ rounds through it to restore my faith because my girl actually likes to shoot the damn thing. If it werent for that it would be sold. And IMO the toughest auto S&W ever made was the Sigma lol. I would buy one if I found one cheap enough.

Personally, I don't care for the Sigs built in NH, but I really don't feel the quality of the standard P series pistols is any different. I agree about the P250, but I have a Sigpro 2022 that's been outstanding.

I not sure I agree that the XD or M&P are any less durable than a Glock.

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