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I really like mine. I have the 18.5" Tactical model. Positives: Great ergonomics, light weight, smooth action, magazine cut off, EXCELLENT LPA ghost ring sights, accurate to 100 yards with slugs, great finish, chromed barrel. Negatives: Lack of aftermarket accessories and Benneli accessories are RIDICULOSLY expensive (eg: 99 bucks for a replacement recoil pad. Holy crap!!!) 3.5" chamber makes the gun longer than it really needs to be and it has alot and I do mean ALOT of rattle in the fore end. But..... it is an excellent value that gives you a major amount of bang for your buck esp when it is compared to the current crop of Remington 870 Express models (yes I do own one). If I had a choice between a Benelli Nova and a Remington Express, the Nova would be the hands down winner. No contest.
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