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Originally Posted by hsprincipal View Post
It has the factory extension. 6+1 2 3/4 inch 5+1 3 inch. 870 express tactical. I got the one without the door breach. It looks cool but not really needed. Added Magpul fore end and will prolly buy the Magpul buttstock. I bought as a HD/ beater gun. Paid $359 for it. My first 870. I really like it. Easy to tear down and re assemble.
Awesome. 870's are great shotguns, it will serve you well. You are certainly free to do as you wish with it, if it was me I would hold off on the Magpul stuff for a Remmy but thats just me. Look into Elzetta light mounts, if it is a HD shottie put a good light on it.
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