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Just scored a great deal on 10mm components.

I picked up G20C about a month ago. I have been slowly coming up with brass. I picked up 625 rounds of once fired for an average of $.18 per round. I bought a few lots on Gun broker and at a local retailer. I saw an auction on GB for 200 rounds once fired. The starting bid was $48. and a buy it now of $50., way to high. I saw the seller was local so I sent him an offer. He told me he actually had quite a few 10mm components to sell. Long story short I got a great deal on what he had.
200 once fired Remington brass
500 new, primed Winchester Brass
150 new Star Line brass
100 new Norma brass
500 Winchester 165 grain truncated jacketed bullets
500 cast 175 grain bullets

All for $200!!!!!!!
I know the cast bullets can't be fired through a Glock. I may try to sell them on one of the forums I belong to.
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