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Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster View Post
Regarding old style - there's nothing wrong with old styles if they work.
There's the rub.

If you're hoping for the optimal chance for consistent and robust expansion under difficult conditions, using standard pressure 9mm JHP's, the old style 115gr loads might not be the best choice.

Each of the major American ammo makers offer hollowpoint 9mm bullets of improved design, which offer better potential optimal "performance" under a wider variety of conditions, than the older style hollowpoints.

Of course, the smaller nose cavity openings of the older style 115gr bullets offered by Win, Rem & Fed could offer better potential feeding in older pistols in which the longer, and/or wider nose cavity, bullets might not feed as consistently well.

No guarantees with any of it, though.

I've carried old-style JHPs in my 9's, .40's & .45's and not lost sleep over doing so. I just prefer the better designed versions when given a choice.
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