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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
...A Glock's reliability is WAY overstated. They are no more reliable than a good 90% of the mainstream pistols on the market today...

Decades ago, Glock had a distinct reliability advantage over the competition. That's clearly not the case these days.

Some people need to wake up, get their head out of their ass. and realize that.

Glock is just as reliable today as in the 80's. The problem is that there are far more neophytes today who have no serious handgun training & who insist on running Walmart ammo through a gun sprung for NATO spec/self defense ammo and wonder why they get weak ejection. Easily solved is the shooter if willing to listen & change.

Back on topic, the SIG is more expensive due to more metal & more machine work. SIG also charges more because people keep buying their guns. I like SIG and have a new p229 SRT .357 that has been flawless for over 1K rds. H&K are great guns, however very overpriced for a gun with basically a Lorcin style trigger pull. There is no excuse for this awful trigger pull.

That said, the REAL new contender now is Walther who is gaining legs with their PPQ and their new PPX. The latter has a MSRP of less than $500. Walther is hungry for market share and it's to the shooter's benefit. The PPQ caught H&K with their pants down and basically left them in the dust. Ask anyone who has shot both.

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