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Originally Posted by IllinoisGun View Post
Mr. Bill "10 Rounds" Ruger

I remember 1993-94.
And don't let anyone tell you it was 15 rounds.
He said 10 was enough.
Can anyone find evidence to settle the question of whether it was 10 or 15?

Anyway, always remember NY state:
-- AR is ok, just no bayonet lug.
-- No more 11+ mags, but you can keep the ones you got.
-- 10 rounds is the new limit.

. . . a dozen years later

-- No more AR at all, but you can keep the ones you got if you register them.
-- You have to get rid of all your 11+ mags, even the ones we previously said you could keep.
-- No more 8+ mags, but you can keep the ones you got, but you can't sell them in state.
-- 7 rounds is the new limit.

What is next, NY? What is next, America?

I joined the NRA, have you yet?

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