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Really? Over the years I've owned numerous Glocks, S&W revolvers and semi-autos, Springfield 1911, SIGs, Rugers.... Even so my West German made PP is still one of my all time favorites to shoot. Accurate, reliable, never (not once) have I ever had the dreaded 'hammer bite'. It is an extremely well engineered and made firearm. Each to their own but.....
We tried it out along side a number of guns of it's original era, the Mauser HSC, Savage, Colt, Remington and a few of our day, Astra Constable most notably. We found most of them to be equal or superior to the Walther, the Colt and the Savage were not as "pointable", but the Remington was far superior in that regard The Mauser was sadly about on a par with the Walther. That is why we concluded it was overrated. Several of us got either hammer bite or slide cuts from quick deployment of the gun.
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