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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
30 years ago my friends and I tried out the PPK and figured it to be one of the most over rated guns of the day. That is not just the S&W issue, but design wise. Accuracy was mediocre, hammer and slide bite were too easy to arrange, etc. today there are better .380s and other choices in the same genre.
One of the guys I was in a weekend shooting class with told me that he used to own a PPK and it had harsher recoil than his Kahr MK9. ..... fast forward to my experience ..... I find that my MK9 kicks harder than my Ruger LC9. Both guns are accurate, but have long trigger pulls which require some range time to master.

My take on the whole PPK thing is why would you want a gun which is chambered in a less powerful cartridge, but kicks harder than a 9mm?

If I wanted a .380, I'd go for a Ruger LCP. If I wanted a 9mm, that was the same size, more accurate and managed recoil better than the PPK, I'd go for an MK9, or an LC9.

If I wanted the gun that is in all the Bond movies, I'd go for the PPK.

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