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Originally Posted by rudybunt View Post
Last week I sold all of my H&K guns and little stuff I had. I got tired of the high price for parts and the hight price guns. Went back to a Glock 26 I am putting together. There are other web boards that the people are not as friendly on and I just had enough. Sold my H&K USP compact with the LEM for $700.00. I could not believe this gun used got as much as it did. I also sold a H&K MP5 from Walther and H&K for over $600.00 with some extras. I paid $509 for a brand new Glock. I guess I just dont understand. I know they are good guns but for me I was tired of the wooha with them.

OK off my soap box
What? What? Sold all of your H&K products you say? How dare you sir!?

Then you compound your error and come marching proudly into this sub-forum to display your sin and shame for all to see?

Nay. Beat thyself about the face and neck with a damp kitchen cloth until you regain your good sense. Scoundrel!

Just kidding. I like both. I carry a G26 most of the time. It's a solid choice but I'm not giving up my H&Ks unless unfortunate circumstances befall me.

You'll be back though...You'll be back...
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