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The German manufactured Walther PPQ has them ALL beat right now IMO. Its a better HK than HK can make. Its an HK with a perfect trigger. Too bad you can't find one though.
It was S&W (the importer) that kept the lid on the Walther PPQ because the Walther was so far ahead of the M&P its not even funny & S&W knew that the Walther PPQ would eat their lunch if Folks found out just how good a PPQ really is.
Now that Walther has a headquarters in Fort Smith Arkansas you are going to see Walthers take the hell off- especially once the word starts to get out. I just hope they keep building them in Germany.

I sure like a Glock 19 though, it just works for me in about every way. A Glock 19 is hard act to follow in a compact pistol: it just gets about everything right, but it doesn't fit everybody-thats for sure. Now, maybe the Folks that just can't fit a Glock will have something else that is, honestly, more advanced than any other polymer striker fire pistol out there. I think Glock just got served by Walther.
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