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Originally Posted by johnnywitt View Post
...It was S&W (the importer) that kept the lid on the Walther PPQ because the Walther was so far ahead of the M&P its not even funny & S&W knew that the Walther PPQ would eat their lunch if Folks found out just how good a PPQ really is...
Not true. S&W did what Walther PAID them to do and nothing more. Walther is a very small co. who has never spent a lot of money on advertising and quite frankly they are now having birthing pains as their new facility has no guns & no parts and they are hoping for such by no later than the end of the 1st quarter. Walther was beyond sluggish in supporting S&W with parts for repairs. S&W will still manufacture the PPK for Walther however using Pinetree cast frames (Ruger).
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