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I can understand your confusion. Your just gonna need to wade thru filter these comments and decide. Good thing is you will likely be fine to leave it stock. BUT I agree improvements can be made.

You will always find the GLOCK purists that say there is nothing possible a person can do to improve perfection that is a GLOCK.

There are those who will never be satisfied and always think they can improve on any design.

Then there are those who feel nothing should be done to a carry gun for legal and reliability reasons.

My opinion is kinda a little of all of these.

I have been using Wolffe springs for over 25 years and will continue he to do so. They are a improvement to any gun you I stall them in.

I also do not like the nylon/plastic guide rod. But feel the tungsten jobbers are useless. A good STS is all that's needed. I also prefer capture for ease of assembly.

I agree with Marine Hawks excellent post about different spring weights and lock up. The 10MM hase been neutered to the point its become confusing. The Underwood ammo (IIRC) is loaded to or closer to the SAMMI 37.5K spec. So I would try a heavier spring. Again as mentioned. GLOCK smiles on cases are directly related to two things under supported barrels and lock up issues. In many cases simply a heavier spring will cure the problem.

I run a 22# in my G20. But I also have a KKM6" barrel and shoot 200g ammo at 1300fps.

So shoot it as is and try it with a heavier spring. Springs are cheap. Enjoy your big10!

Good luck,
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