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Originally Posted by LampShadeActual View Post
it's a big mistake to get so caught up in brand myopia that you deny yourself the undeniable quality, engineering skill, and raw sexy factor found in many non-Glock pistols, even those that cost a bit more.

Now that is a good one.

My idea of "raw sexy factor" starts with an AR-15, not some pop gun.

A handgun is simply what you use to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never let be so far out of reach in the first place.
See, I just like a well-engineered firearm, I don't discriminate.

For my money, a Browning Hi-Power with good blue finish and quality wood grips is to even the fanciest AR-15 what Mila Kunis is to that fat chick from Bridesmaids. And I say that having a fancy Daniel Defense AR that I love

Also, not to lecture, but if you're referring to firearms as "pop guns" you're probably not giving them the respect they're due. Those pop guns will kill you in a heartbeat if you don't take them seriously, safety-wise.
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