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Originally Posted by Wyoming View Post
All three are what Colt now call Lightweight Commander. To me all aluminum frame are Commander. Steel frame are Combat Commander. Somewhere it all changed were today steel frame are called Commander and the aluminum frame are called Lightweight Commander.

The first 38 Super "Commander" is stainless steel slide on mat sliver frame with ambidextrous safety.

The second is a 38 Super "Commander" with mat black slide that has a big dot night sight. The frame is mat silver that needs a ambidextrous safety. (I already bought one and will install) The grips have flat checkering. This pistol is new Talo that now available.

I carry a 45 "Commander" type pistol for about 10 month a year. It mostly is a Kimber Super pro Carry two tone but I have others that will fit the same gun belts.

I didn't get the 38 Super to carry but to have. What ammo do you use should I decide to carry a 38 Super?
I presume that the first CDR is used? Colt hadn't listed it for three years now. As for the Talo, I picked up two late last year.

For defensive ammo I use Buffalo Bore 115-gr JHP.

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