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Originally Posted by Atomic Punk View Post
why is it with all of the super long distance, ricochet, random shots. it always hit somebody in the head?
The NJ incident I mentioned had the projectile enter the man's body in the lower back before penetrating into his vitals.

If you review long distance shooting incidents on Google you'll find a remarkable number of bizarre events. A little boy shot, while in church, in Atlanta Georgia a couple of years ago (projectile penetrated the building's roof prior to impacting the child), an Amish girl, in a horse drawn buggy, heading home from a Christmas party, shot and killed when a man, clearing a muzzle-loader by firing it into the air, hit her from a distance of over a mile.

I also suspect that in the Arab world, when you hear reports of people being killed by "snipers," you are in fact reading about victims of the wild and random gunfire going on in some of these spots, especially the celebratory gunfire aimed in the general direction of the sky that seems to be so popular there.

To read up on how projectiles react to being fired into the air read Hatcher's Notebook (by General Julian Hatcher, U.S. Army ret.). Basically, he found that a military round, if fired at a 90 degree angle to the ground, will come down at a terminal velocity that, while it might cause injury, should not have sufficient energy to cause death. The rounds under discussion here are traveling at angles that are likely closer to the forty degree range (wild ***** guess on my part) for them to be lethal at such distances.

Oh, I guess I ought to explain that the lecture titled "Bullet Potential" was one I would routinely give while responsible for the NYPD Firearms and Tactics Unit's Police Firearms Instructors School.
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