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Originally Posted by Wurger View Post
Although I really don't like the phrase, I'll have to use it anyways, 'we will have to agree to disagree'.

It is interesting to note that of those pistols you note having tested side by side with the Walther, namely:

the only pistol that was and still remains to this day a commercial success is the Walther PPK.

Each to their own but unfortunately, more individuals, law enforcement agencies and military establishments agree with me.

While not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, the Walther PPk (or PPK/S) is still used and carried by quite a few people in this day of the polymer pistols while the Mauser HSC, Savage, Colt and Remington period pistols you mention are primarily collector items that reside in someone's safe.

.....and before anyone mentions it, I really don't care what Bond uses in the movies. Pop culture is almost always a poor source of wisdom to determine any choice we make here in the real world.
Well the Remington started out as a design for a full sized military pistol but its features and design were too expensive for that. It was then scaled down for the pocket pistol market in the US but was hit hard by the depression. Unlike the Walther it did not have the benefit of the European military and police that felt the .380 or .32 was sufficient. That is what kept the PP series alive pre war. civilian sales in the US and abroad were not impressive. That is why pre-war civilian models command high prices, they weren't that popular. If popularity means so much, don't try looking at the sales figures for the PP series today vs the high-point pistols, or about any of the current crop of .380s for that mter. The Bodyguard and others are doing fine

BTW I didn't buy this one as a "safe queen"

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